Manufacturing Contract Manufacturing

At our Loft Foods plant we have a full-time team of developers, food technicians and manufacturers, creating products under strict health and safety conditions and to the highest standard. Not only can we help commercialise your own recipes, we can also work alongside you to create an exciting signature product, a range of products, or an entire brand from scratch.

Using our expertise, we will painlessly guide you through the development and manufacturing process at every step, being at your disposal with advice and support. With the added benefits of a range of packaging options, full testing for dietary requirements, and a proven track record of successful partnerships, you can be assured that the end result will be a product you can be truly proud of and one that your customers can trust. Loft Foods stands on integrity and our goal is to create lasting partnerships.

Our partnership starts with a phone call

At Loft Foods, we pride ourselves on the quality of our freshly made products

Michael Wafelbakker