About Loft! Foods

Founded in 2014 by Michael Wafelbakker with a view to increasing the availability of quality fresh convenient sauces.

Michael believed it should be possible for chefs to purchase restaurant quality condiments for food service, not only cutting down on valuable kitchen hours, but also providing busy establishments with high standards the continuity needed to please an increasingly savvy customer base. The Loft! ranges are products you would be proud to have made yourself, in fact, we don’t mind if you tell them that you did! 

NZ has the worlds finest freshly grown ingredients and we are committed to supporting local suppliers. As well as producing high quality staple ingredients, after years of travelling and working abroad, Michael has a true passion for exposing kiwi palettes to international flavours which can be seen in our product range that includes everything from a traditional mayonnaise to an eggplant kasundi.


Integrity given and expected


Mutual success benefits all


Keeping the food real