We believe in cleaner food choices... tastier... healthier... convenience without compromise!

Loft Foods is on a mission, a revolution if you will, to make food better. This is a call to all of you who appreciate the truly delicious, to everyone who believes that food should be made from FOOD! By choosing Loft, your customers can indulge in the most authentic, freshly-made, delicious-tasting dips and sauces – no nasties. We pledge to only use naturally-derived ingredients to create all of our amazing products and we strive to be at the forefront of the latest trends, not only in flavours, but also in the continually evolving area of cleaner food production.

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Designed by chefs, made by chefs, for chefs.

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We can commercialise and manufacture your product for you.

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Loft Kitchen Loft Spoon

At Loft Foods, we pride ourselves on the quality of our freshly made products

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The new good Guacamole